Students at Georgia Tech have been reading the Technique for over 100 years. They have come to trust it as a source of campus news and as a window to the goings-on of the Atlanta community. Every week, nearly every member of the Tech community eats out, sees a show, goes shopping or participates in any number of other activities in the Atlanta area. Coming out every Friday morning, the Technique is often students’ first stop when trying to figure out what to do or where to go. Advertise today to tap into this lucrative demographic!

Nearly 20% of Technique readers spend over $200 per month on entertainment and dining off-campus and nearly 50% spend over $100. A great way to attract those potential customers? Coupons! Over 30% of readers are likely to use a coupon and that increases to 40% if you link the discount to a Tech ID.

Interested in going to an Atlanta event? Tech students are always looking for the coolest new show or awesome event to go to with their friends. On any given weekend night, over 70% of readers are somewhat likely, likely or extremely likely to take advantage of the great entertainment options in the Atlanta area.