The Technique has a 100 year history of providing space for campus groups and departments to tell the Tech community about the events they are running, the achievements they wish to celebrate, and the issues they care about. With an open rate that’s 80% less for students and 73% less for departments than our open rate, advertising with the Technique is the best way to reach the entire Institute with an attractive and compelling message!

[sc:number_desc number=”$250 million” number_sub=”spent per year” desc=”Tech students spend over $250 million a year on dozens of products and brands. They buy gadgets and video games, books and clothing. With a diverse student body from nearly every U.S. state and dozens of countries, Tech has a community with many interests, wants and needs. Don’t forget that faculty and staff read the paper, too! Tech’s faculty and staff shop just as much (sometimes more!) than its students. The Technique is a perfect way to reach those people.”] [sc:number_desc number=”2,760″ number_sub=”graduates” desc=”Each year thousands of Tech students prepare to leave the comfortable environs of the Institute and venture into the work force. Armed with one of the best technical degrees in the nation, their choices are many and competitions are fierce. Tech holds several career fairs throughout the year, and the Technique is the best way to gain visibility in advance. Look for our special Career Fair issue in October!”]